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$4,995.00 $9,999.00 Contact Dealer $11,991.00 $16,999.00
Internet Special
Call to 813 996 2333 or after hours, 813 598 7852 ( Mike) , we are open 6 days a week. Our website is: amazingdealsauto@gmail.com Our dealer fees are only $50.00 We do offer financing, 1/2 down with no credit check or we have secondary financing.
Stock #2244
Engine3.0l I-6 EFI Dohc 3.0l
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: 5UXFE43508L027508
Internet Special
We have Four Brand New Tires on it Also the whole Truck has a new paint job on it it look real Shape. Call us at 813 996 2333 or after hours, Mike, 813 598 7852. Our dealer fees are only $50.00 Our website is: amazingdealsautos.com Come take a drive over if you are nearby you wont be disappointed We have financing choices 1/2 down and pay off within 2 years or secondary fianancing about 1k to 5k of downpymt than depends on the vehicle you want to purchase.
Stock #2220
Engine4.8l V8 SFI 4.8l
Interior ColorGray
Exterior ColorSilver
VIN: 2GCEC13C371721033
Internet Special
This car is ready for You! Look at our website at amazingdealsautos.com We are open from 930am to 6pm, our dealer fees are only $50.00 Please call us @ 813 996 2333 or after 6pm text/call @ 813 598 7852
Stock #1880
Engine5.7l V8 SFI Hemi 5.7l
Interior ColorBlack
Exterior ColorOrange
VIN: 2B3KA53H96H195011
Internet Special
This Truck has a Clean Car Fax and it shows very low Miles! We have financing for 1/2 down and pay within 2 years and secondary financing to give us 1k to 4k deposit for the vehicle you would like to purchase. Please call us @ 813 996 2333 or after 6pm call/text 813 598 7852
Stock #2072
Engine4.7l V8 MPI 4.7l
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorGray
VIN: 1D7HA18N13S121396
Internet Special
I drove this home and it drove soo Beautiful I was very happy and I had lots of fun do it. If you like to get help with Finance with out company I have a few company I can do for you or if you but half down I will Finance you my self and I do not care if you have Bad Credit. Just give us a call or stop in at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM 813-996-2333 for After Hours at 813-598-7852
Stock #2561
Engine3.6l V6 MPI Dohc 3.6l
Interior ColorWhite
VIN: 3C6TRVAG0GE129926
Internet Special
This Ford Escape has only 42,276 miles on it. it is still brand new inside if I can help you I will do my best on my end. Also you will not be Disappointed at all the way it Drive. Also I have more Escape out here from 2010 to 2014. If you are a cash buyer or taking it to your bank I am guy I will show you my Cost who I got it from Brandon Ford that who I am. if you need to see it in AFTER HOURS GIVE ME A CALL ON MY CELL AT 813-598-7852 My web page is AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM Office number is 813-996-2333
Stock #2568
Engine2.5l I-4 MPI Dohc Duratec
VIN: 1FMCU0C77AKD37423
Internet Special
Give us a call and I will do my best to Finance it my self. Call us at 813 996 2333 or after hours, Mike, 813 598 7852. We are open 6 days a week. Our website is: amazingdealsautos.com Our dealer fees are only 50.00 Great Cash Price! We have 2 ways of financing, with 1/2 down and pay off within in 2 years or secondary financing a deposit of 1k to 5k or more depends on your credit and the vehicle of your needs. Come take a look at our lot!
Stock #1786
Engine5.4l V8 Sohc Flex 5.4l
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorRed
VIN: 1FTPW12V87KC76789
Internet Special
WOW, where can you find a four door lariat with Leather Seats This is A Cash Spcial. This Week and if you need any newer Trucks; Take a look at my Web Page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM I have over 60 Trucks on my Lot and my Dealer Fees are only 50.00. We have 2 types of Financing 1/2 down and to pay off within 2 years. Please call 813-996-2333 or my cell phone after hours at 813-598-7852
Stock #2333
Engine5.4l V8 EFI Sohc 5.4l
VIN: 1FTPW12574KD90841
Internet Special
Call or Text to: 813 996 2333 or 813 598 7852, our website is: amazingdealsautos.com We are open 6 days a week, closed on Mondays & Saturdays at 5pm. Ask about financing.
Stock #2400
Engine5.0l V8 Smpi Dohc Flex 5.
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorBlue
Internet Special
If you are looking from Cargurus please call us at 813 996 2333 or after hours you may call or text to 813 598 7852 Our website is: amazingdealsautos.com or out email at amazingdealsauto@gmail.com This Truck is a One Owner Truck and its been in Fla from 2013 till now. You will not Find One Thing Wrong. Ask about financing.
Stock #2487
Engine3.7l V6 Smpi Dohc Flex 3.
Exterior ColorBlack
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